The Hunter

Created by the iLearning team at BYU's Harold B. Lee Library. Library Instruction Harold B Lee Library

While I only filmed a few scenes in this, I worked with lighting and capturing audio for every single scene. Almost the entirety of this film was filmed with a crew of just 2-3 people.

My biggest role with his was that I edited the entire piece, including creating almost all of the visual effects as well as acting as the colorist (my favorite part!).


This is a BTS bit I did for Braxton Wilhelmsen's entry in the My Rode Reel contest entitled 'Walden.'

The music used was one of the pieces available from the contest.

Filming took place over several different days, and I had a LOT of footage to go through. 

The biggest challenge with this piece was that I had to keep it under 3 minutes and still make it look at least somewhat interesting!

I went on a beautiful drive, got some video footage, and made this little video. There's not a lot to it (as It was primarily shot for color experimentation), but I find it quite relaxing and am overall pleased with the completed piece. I shot this with a Canon 60D and the Canon 24-105 f/4L. Edited in Premiere Pro CC, graded with Adobe Speedgrade.

This was an interesting project to put together, as I had no footage and very few visual resources to use when I started.

Working as the Art Director for the magazine, I brainstormed a little bit with the Creative Director before just going off on my own to bring this together.

This was a great exercise in sourcing useable material from online sources and making something of interest from it.

I created this video for a video production class at BYU. It was a great experience of shooting on location, and one of the first times of getting sound and video footage at the same time.

I've been to The Balance Rock Eatery and Pub several times, and it is always a great treat! Definitely a place to check out if you're ever in Helper, Utah.