Shooting Into the Night

Part II of the Muir Copper Canyon Farms project

You may or may not know how much I love shooting at night. I honestly can't fully explain it, but it is thrilling to me. Because of this weird love I have for night shoots, I was very much looking forward to the first of the two shoots for the beginnings of this delightful project.

Having picked up some rentals earlier in the day, I left for the warehouse around 7PM. It was pretty bad weather driving up to Salt Lake, but I managed to make it by about 8 or so. I was let in, got my equipment all set up, cracked open a Bawls, and began to work.

The workers were very accomodating for me. I didn't get in their way, but they answered any questions I had and just let me do my work. They even brought me some food when they took their meal break! Really great people.

My process for shooting through the night was about moving a lot. I don't always loving being tethered to a tripod, so I was shooting at higher ISO's. I'd shoot for 20-30 minutes at a time, moving throughout all the different areas, and then take a short break. During my break, I'd review some of the images, switch lenses, chat with the workers, and then head back out.

I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the workers. They didn't talk much, but moved swiftly to gather everything and get it loaded into the trucks so that when the truck drivers got in around 3AM, they could get their vehicle and go make their deliveries. It was busy, but it never felt chaotic, which is think says a lot about the quality of their people.

By 4AM or so, I was feeling pretty wiped. But, very content. So, I spent the last few minutes outside getting a few images of the building at night and that was that. 

Tl;dr: A long night, great people, and (I think) some great images.