Provo Bakery

I recently had the grand privilege of working with the masters of donuts and other baked goods over at Provo Bakery

They had us come in during the wee hours of the morning to photograph what they're doing there; a kind of "behind the scenes," if you will. I was also asked to get some images of their fabulous baker, Mark, as he worked to create some of the best baked goods around.

So, in the middle of the night (our shoot started around 2AM), my assistant and I started working. We essentially just photographed whatever they happened to be working on at any given moment, moving between their various work stations as they prepared dough, worked on sandwich buns, glazed the donuts, etc. We finally finished around 7:30AM and left exhausted but happy with the shoot. Or maybe just happy because they sent us home with donuts. Probably both.

In preparing for this shoot, I was really unsure whether I wanted to shoot using just the ambient light or whether I wanted to introduce my own light. Ultimately, I decided to use the latter, which allowed me to catch action (if/when necessary), added other elements (control and direction) that give the images just a little extra something and allowed me to work more easily. I did do a few images with the available light (such as the first seen below), but most were done with a speedlite.

Tl;dr: I shot some "making of" images for the Provo Bakery, utilizing a speedlite for (almost) all of my lighting, rather than the ambient flourescents.

And now, the images: