Goat Soap!

I had the glorious opprortunity a little while ago to work with a friend of ours in creating some images for her family's business, Crooked Barn Door. Currently she is doing it just part-time out of her house, but she gave us a bunch of product to try and I thought it would be nice to do some images for her in return. 

Her soaps are made from goat's milk and a variety of other ingredients, which I think is pretty neat. I chose a few of my favorite soaps from the bunch that she gave us as I wanted to do a little bit of styling with the soaps and include elements of each piece that give it fragrance, so I made a little shopping list and purchased the ingredients.

Shopping for props is probably one of my favorite things to do when it comes to product and food photography. Searching through lemons to find the one with the best shape and fewest bruises, or deciding which coffee beans to get based on color and surface glossiness. Even these little decisions can affect the final images!

Once I had everything, I got my lighting set up. Pretty basic and cheap, but it worked out well and I was able to get what I was hoping for. 

In the end, I'm very happy with how the images came out and I know that the owner was most pleased with them as well; and truly, I'm most happy when the client is happy. 

I will note that most everyone that has seen them is pretty much convinced that the soap is cheese. If I were to do more images for this client, I would definitely try to figure out a way to make them look more soapy and less cheesy. Still, I think they came out well.

TL;DR: I did some images of homemade soap (that most people think looks like cheese) and enjoyed shopping for props and styling the images.