A Morning in the Canyon

Earlier this week, I decided to take a little break from work and head up into the mountains to do a little exploring. I love the right fork of Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, so that's the direction I headed. 

As I was making my way there, I decided that I wanted to do some video, as I hadn't done any personal work recently. One thing that I love to do with my videos is color correction, so I wanted to shoot this video in a way that was better suited for that part of post-processing. I wasn't sure exactly what I would do as far as making a story (as this was all sort of spur of the moment) so I just started looking at my surroundings and the light.  

It was a bit of a cloudy morning, and the sun was just beginning to come up. The color of the light at this point is a very gentle blue/gray, and creates a very solemn, still feeling. As I was enjoying this feeling of solitude, I began to think of a few of the locations that I had been to that are on the route I was taking. 

I decided to show a few of these places in such a way that would promote the relaxed atmosphere I was enjoying. I finished getting a few pieces in the first location, and in moving to the next, decided to try to get some footage of me driving. It was complicated, but I managed to do it! 

I went to a few more places, got some footage, and then just drove for a couple hours. It was an incredible drive up through Hobble Creek, all the way up Forest Road 58 and then Forest Road 51, ending back up on Highway 6. It was a great day of, as I've now started referring to it, Drivesploring (Driving+Exploring) and I look forward to a lot more Drivesploring in the future!

Tl;dr: I went on a beautiful drive, got some video footage, and made this little video. There's not a lot to it (as It was primarily shot for color experimentation), but I find it quite relaxing and am overall pleased with the completed piece. Enjoy!