Terra Mia

Like most humans, I really enjoy food. Making it, smelling it, seeing it and (most importantly) eating it. Good food is always a good time.

I also enjoy photographing food (as you can probably tell from my site). Well, primarily food created by other people. As much as I may fancy myself to cook well (you'll have to refer to my wife about the verity of that statement), the things I make certainly aren't consistent in looking good. 

Thankfully, with this latest little project, I didn't have to worry about that part!  

I was contacted by the owner of Terra Mia a couple of weeks ago to come and photograph some new menu items that they have. They've recently changed their structure somewhat for their dinner service, and have added a few dishes to accompany the change. 

I enjoy working with the people at Terra Mia because several of them (including the owner and pizzaiolo) are Italian. Know what that means? It means that they really care about their food, and strive for the best in quality. It also means that they serve up real deal Italian cooking and authentic pizza Napoletana. And other good food. It's just all good.

Okay...enough of me blabbering. Look at the photos, drool if you're hungry (like I currently am) and then head up to Orem to get some of that goodness and satisfy your craving for la cucina Italiana.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed.

Details about Terra Mia here: https://www.facebook.com/TerraMiaOnline

Now...some pictures: